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Welcome! You’ve joined the Broadstripes family as your project’s admin and we’re here to help you get adjusted in your new role.

If you are admin to a completely new project, the first thing you might notice about Broadstripes is that it doesn’t have any data in it. We’ll get to that in the Setting up a new project section of the Admin Guide, but for now, let’s log into Broadstripes and have a little look around anyway.

Log in and look around

First, you’ll need to log in at using your admin username and password.

If you want to read more about logging in or setting up a secure password, check out the Log in and reset a password or Passwords and digital security tips articles.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the Broadstripes homepage. It’s roughly broken into these areas.

[insert graphic of the areas of the home screen – search, toolbar, etc?]

You can also see a tour of the app with data in our Getting Started video. This video’s intended audience is organizers, but it will give you a good general sense of how the app can be used.

[insert video]

Look for admin tools under Settings

As admin, there’s one section of the app you’ll want to become familiar with right away – the Project settings page. The project settings page provides a single access point for all the information you’ll need to keep track of, including data imports, custom fields, report formats, and user permissions.

In the upper right corner of any page, click Settings > All settings to open the Project settings page.

When the Project settings page opens, you’ll see a list of all your project settings in one convenient place. From there, just click a link to view or modify that setting. You can read about each setting in-depth in the project settings overview article.