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Setting up a Broadstripes project means configuring the system to allow organizers to work in the most effective way (both for them, and for campaign leaders who need visibility into what’s going on). This section of the knowledge base was created to help project admins (like you) do just that.

Here are the three basic steps to set up a project:

1. Customize your project

Even within the same union (and the same industry), different projects will often be set up differently, reflecting the different needs of the organizing team.

The areas of the project you may want to configure include:

The Data tools overview article explains when and why to use these different custom data tools.

2. Import your list

Once you’ve decided how you’d like to configure your project, and you’ve completed any necessary customizations, it’s time to import your data.

Read all about the process here:

3. Help users get started

Once your project is configured and your list is imported, you’re finally ready to add users and help them get started with Broadstripes.

Here’s what you need to know to add and invite users, assign them the proper permissions:

Once they’re part of your project, you can point them to these useful spots in the knowledge base: