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Before you invite a new organizer or change permissions granted to an existing organizer, you’ll want to understand the difference between each of Broadstripes’ user roles.

This article gives an in-depth look at Broadstripes’ three user roles including exactly what they are allowed to see and do within the project.

Once you’ve decided what kind of role a user will play, you can visit the Users and membership guide for videos and step-by-step instructions on adding users and assigning or editing user permissions.

User roles

Basic user

A basic user is a member of a particular project with all the necessary permissions to work with the data in that project. They can:

  • Create, edit, and delete contact records for people and organizations (i.e. shops and departments).
  • Create, edit, and delete events.
  • Create and save searches and layouts (personal or shared).
  • Create and save lists (personal or shared)

In addition, on a per-user basis, a project admin can enable a user to download data in XLSX or CSV format. If a user does not have this permission, they will not be able to export lists to spreadsheet form.

Project admin

A project admin has all the capabilities a basic user does. In addition, they can:

  • Invite new users, promote existing users to admin, and remove existing users from the project.
  • Create, update, and delete all project data such as:
    • Custom fields
    • Assessments (aka codes)
    • Leader roles
    • External systems
    • User groups
    • Status reports
    • Calculated columns
    • Contact types
  • Import data via spreadsheet.
  • Import shape files.

Admins may have other capabilities as well, as determined by the configuration of your project. For example, if a project has SMS (i.e. text) messaging features enabled, admins will have the ability to provision SMS numbers for users.

Note that a user may be an admin in one project and a basic user in another.

Field user

Field users are similar to basic users, but with the following significant limitations. They are:

  • limited to the simplified, mobile-friendly version of the Broadstripes UI
  • able to “see” only the worker records for people they lead themselves
  • able to create new worker records via the mobile-friendly UI