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When you’ve built a useful search that you think you might want to run again, you can choose to save it. You can also share your saved searches with a single user, or all users in your project.

Save (or share) a search

In this example, we’ll save a search and share it with another organizer, Jane.

  1. Start by running a search. From the Search Results panel, click the “save search” link in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Give your search a name.
  3. Next, choose whether you want to share the search. You can:
    • Save it for your own use only (select Personal)
    • Share it with all Broadstripes users on the project (select Shared)
    • Share it with a specific user (select For someone else, then type the user’s name). Note that when you save for someone else, it will only appear in that designated user’s list. If you want a copy of the search for yourself, save it first as a personal search, then repeat the process and choose to save it for that other user.
  4. We’ll choose this option to share the search with Jane.
  5. Last, check “Attach current search layout” if you want Broadstripes to display exactly the same columns of data you are looking at now each time the search is run in the future (for instance, Contact name, Job title, and Assessment code). This is called “embedding a layout” in the search. If you want to learn more, check out the articles Create and save a layout and Embed a layout with a saved search.
  6. Click Save search to save. The search will now appear in Jane’s YOUR SEARCHES list in the menu on the left-hand side of her Broadstripes page.

Where are searches saved?

In the previous step, you learned how to save and share searches. If you want to retrieve a saved search, you’ll need to know where to find it. Searches are saved in the left-hand Broadstripes menu, ordered by how they were saved or shared:

  • Personal: Personal saved searches will appear under YOUR SEARCHES in the left-hand Broadstripes menu.
  • Shared (with all users): Shared searches will be listed under SHARED SEARCHES in the left-hand Broadstripes menu for you and all users in your project.
  • For someone else: These saved searches will only appear under that designated user’s YOUR SEARCHES list (in their left-hand Broadstripes menu). You will not have a copy of these shared search in your own saved searches list. (If you want a copy of the search for yourself, save it first as a personal search, then repeat the process and choose to save it for that other user.)

To see your searches, hover over the magnifying glass icon to expand the full menu.

Hover over to expand the saved search menu.

Saved searches will be listed here.