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Adding a status report to your quick links tab puts up-to-date aggregate counts just a click away. What’s more, when you create the quick link, you can select how you want Broadstripes to present the reports: on-screen, or as PDF or Excel files that you can download and use offline.

Once your links are created, Broadstripes remembers your preferences. You’ll see the data you need in the correct format – each time – with just the click of a button.

For this example, we want to add a quick link that shows us a status report for all our shops. We’ll create the quick link based on a saved status report that’s already in Broadstripes, and we’ll choose to have the results exported to a PDF so we can print it and share it with others offline.

Create a quick link for a status report

  1. Start on the quick links tab and follow the steps outlined in the article Create quick links to begin.
  2. Choose a status report as the type of link you want to add and click Next.
  3. You’ll see a list of all your saved status reports. Choose the report you want and click Next.
  4. Choose the output format you want.

Choosing output formats

View on-screen:

  • HTML – your report appears on-screen where you can view (but not edit) the data.

Export and save:

  • PDF – report is exported as a PDF file (ideal for printing).
  • Spreadsheet (XLSX) – report is exported as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file.
  1. For our example, we’ll choose PDF.
  2. Name the quick link. This is the name that will appear on the quick link button on our dashboard, so we’ve noted that it’s a PDF to help us remember. Click Done to save.
  3. The new quick link now appears on our quick links tab.
  4. Clicking the Shop Status Report (PDF) quick link button will generate the report.
  5. To download and view your PDF, you have two choices:
    • you can stay on the current page and wait for the report’s download dialogto appear.
    • you can leave the current page and check in later to see if the report is ready. To check for the report later, click the Reports link in the navigation panel. That link brings you to the Requested Reports page where you can download any requested report at any time.

      Click the Reports link in the navigation panel at any time to view a list of reports you’ve requested.

  1. Any quick link you create will remain on your quick links tab even after you’ve logged out and logged back in again.
  2. If you ever need to delete a quick link, just click the  icon next to its name. Deleting the link will remove it from your tab, but it won’t delete the underlying saved report.