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Are you seeing a new login screen when you launch Broadstripes? Don’t worry. It’s the same app you’ve always used, just with a new look.


In June 2019, we updated Broadstripes to a more secure and flexible authentication system.

Doing so meant that our login screen changed as well. The new login screen looks like this:

New login screen 2019

New login screen introduced 2019

(If your union has its own dedicated instance of Broadstripes, the app logo will be different than the one pictured above, of course.)

This change did not modify your username (i.e. account email address) or password (though we may require a password change in the future).

For now, be assured that you can login using the new screen the same way you did in the past without any new concerns about your account’s security.

Using a password manager?

Third-party password managers like 1Password or LastPass might not recognize the new login screen the first time you use it. If you run into this issue, just follow the steps you’d normally use with the password manager to add your login information again. Need to reset your password? Check out this article on resetting your Broadstripes password.