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Get started

With Broadstripes’ Maps feature, you can easily view any list of people on an interactive map.

  1. Start by clicking the Maps link on the navigation panel.

  2. Clicking this link takes you to Broadstripes’ Maps page. You’ll see the location of every person in your project (who has a good address) pinpointed on the map that appears.
  3. You can change the way contacts are marked by clicking the blue buttons in the left-hand panel: markers, dots or heat.

    Here are the same contacts shown as a heat map.

    Here, all contacts are shown with dots.

  4. For a better look, you can zoom in or out using the zoom controls on the left-hand side of the map, or with the plus and minus keys on your keyboard.
  5. The Maps page also allows you to work with geographic shapes, whether pre-loaded political districts or hand-cut turf. These shapes can be used for political outreach, planning house visits, and other geographically informed analysis of your people.


Learn more

You can learn more about maps in the Maps overview and How maps work articles.