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Sometimes you want to search for a single person by name; at other times, you may want to see a group of people all at once.

A common case is when you want to see the name of everyone who works in a particular store, company, shop or department. For this example, we’ll search for everyone who works at “Big Shop.” Here’s how:


Search for people by workplace

Build a simple search to find all the workers at a certain workplace (whether it’s a store, company, shop or department).

  1. Start your search by clicking the Search builder button to the right of the search box at the top of the page.

  1. search builder panel will appear below the search box.
  2. Initially, the panel will offer to search for people by Name, but you can easily change that to search by employer (or any other criteria).
  3. To search by employer, select “Employer (in or below)” from the drop-down list on the left. That choice can be found under the Department Structure section of the drop-down list, but you can bring the choice up even quicker by typing “employer” into the Filter box (as shown below).
  4. Leave the middle drop-down box as it is, with “contains the word(s)” selected. (This drop-down box contains what’s called the “operator“. We’ll cover other operator choices in more depth in another article in the knowledge base.)
  5. Type the name of the employer, “Big Shop“, into the right-hand text box.

    A completed search query for workers at “Big Shop.”

  6. Click the Search button.
  7. All the workers who have an employment at Big Shop will appear in the Search Results panel.
  8. Congratulations on building a custom search! You can learn about creating more complex searches, including searches that combine multiple rules, in the Build an advanced search section of the knowledge base.