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After running a search, you may want results to display in a certain order. For instance, if you’re interested in gauging support, you’ll want to sort by workers’ assessment codes. With Broadstripes, sorting search results is just a few clicks away. Here’s how it’s done:

Sort search results

  1. Click the Sort by link located just above your search results on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. Choose to Build new sort…

  1. A sort-building tool will open.
  2. Using this sort builder, click once on any field to include it in your sort. Each field you choose will be added to the upper portion of the sort builder.
  3. We’ll choose Assessment (sometimes labeled “Code”) since we are interested in having the results sorted by workers’ assessments, and then Last name, so the workers will be ordered alphabetically under each assessment code.

Single-click on a sort item to include it in your sort.
Single-click on a sort item to include it in your sort.

  1. Now that we’ve chosen the fields we want to use in the sort, we can make some adjustments:
    • drag and drop fields to change the search priority (the field at the top will be sorted first, with each field below acting as a sub-sort)
    • click the A-Z icon  to toggle between ascending and descending order
  2. When your sort meets your needs click Apply sort.
  3. Broadstripes will re-sort and display your search results according to your new sort.
  4. Read more about modifying, saving, or sharing useful searches in the Create and save a sort article.