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Shops, departments, or sub-departments, broadly termed “organizations” by Broadstripes, are usually created in one of two ways:

  • during data import using a worker spreadsheet with employment information
  • manually (either before or after importing data) using the CREATE A NEW … link in the Broadstripes toolbar

This article will look at creating new organizations manually using the CREATE A NEW … link after data has been imported, as in the case where a shop is adding a new department or sub-department.

To learn about creating organizations during import, see the data import articles of the knowledge base.


Create an organization manually

In this example, we’ll be adding a new sub-department called “4th Floor” to the Pediatricsdepartment in our hospital structure.

Note that since how you build and label the tiers of your shop or department hierarchy is all customizable (ours is set up for a hospital with departments and sub-departments), your choices may look different than ours.

  1. To start, click the appropriate organization link under the “CREATE A NEW …” header in the left-hand navigation panel.
  1. Add the new organization and specify a Parent Organization. Here’s a simple look at our shop structure:

    In our hierarchy, “4th Floor” is a sub-department of Pediatrics.

This means that when adding “4th Floor“, we need to specify “Pediatrics” as the “Parent Organization,” so that the 4th Floor sub-department is placed under Pediatrics (and not placed on the same tier as Pediatrics and Emergency Room).

Give the department a name and specify its Parent Organization.

Give the department a name and specify its Parent Organization.

  1. Add additional information about the organization. Use the lower portion of the New Department form to record any other notes or information you want to track about the organization you are adding.
  2. Click Save to add the new organization to your project.
  3. Add workers using a bulk action. Since you’ve manually added this new sub-department after importing your worker lists, you’ll need to assign workers to that employment using a bulk action. You can learn more about this in the Bulk actions section of the knowledge base.