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Delete contact info

Delete address, phone, and email information from contact records

You can use bulk actions to permanently delete certain contact information from a contact or group of contacts from your Broadstripes project. You can delete all types of contact info (addresses, phones and emails) from all groups (personal, business, home and other) or choose a combination of types and groups.

Being able to delete certain contact info can be useful when you make a mistake during your import – for instance importing cell phone numbers as home phones. It might also be used in a case where you want to remove all business phone numbers to avoid accidentally tipping off management to your organizing plans by contacting a person at work.

For this example, we’ll show how to permanently delete business phone numbers for a group of workers.

  1. We’ll start by running a search. From the Search Results page, we’ll select the workers whose business numbers we are deleting. (If you need help running a search, check out the Create and save a search article.)
  2. With the contacts selected, we’ll go to the Actions drop-down menu and choose Delete contact info (you may need to scroll down the page to see this option).

    You may need to scroll down to see the Delete contact info in the drop down menu.

  3. Next, we’ll check Phones as the contact type and select Business as the group and click Delete.BulkActionsDeleteContactInfoSelectType
  4. Broadstripes will automatically queue the process of deleting the selected contact info. A pop-up box will appear to confirm the deletion is queued. No further action is needed.BulkActionsDeleteContactConfirm