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2018 January
New The search results layout has two new columns: "Opted-in phones" and "Opted-in emails." When exported to spreadsheet, the data from these columns is presented vertically (i.e. in the same column), rather than horizontally (i.e. in multiple columns), even if the the contact info types are different. 2018 January
New Contact info items (phones and emails) now have a notes field. That field can be edited in the mobile UI and the "desktop." 2018 January
Fixed Editing values on the search results wasn't always refreshing the data on the page. 2018 January
Fixed The "leadersrole = none" search wasn't always working correctly when the leadership tree reached three or more levels. 2018 January
2017 December
New A "display all children" link is available on the status report organization selector for each organization with children. 2017 December
Improved The mobile UI allows users to view and edit address notes. 2017 December
Improved The responsiveness of search box autocomplete was improved. 2017 December
Improved Relationships cells in spreadsheet reports no longer contain dashed separator lines between relationships, as the cells could get too big. 2017 December
Improved The page that lists organizations with social groups provides a count of the number of groups. 2017 December
Fixed Address formatting on spreadsheet reports was broken. 2017 December
Fixed Searching for "code = none" was returning people who had a code with no descriptive text. 2017 December
Fixed The "employer" input box of the quick search dialog was fragment-matching when exact-matching works better. 2017 December
Fixed Clicking on a search containing a sub-clause on the shapes map page was throwing an error. 2017 December
2017 November
New A link exists on the social groups page allowing a user to select or de-select all groups for display. 2017 November
New The social group page has a button allowing you to generate a printer-friendly version of the page. 2017 November
Improved The search builder supports shape group names as a search keyword, with shape names (or "any" or "none") as the search value. 2017 November
Improved The social group page header displays the full "hierarchical" name of the shop or department. 2017 November
Improved When using the "department" keyword in the search builder, the value autocomplete displays only the department name, not the full shop hierarchy. 2017 November
Improved Timeline conditions in a search are applied "together" to the evaluated timeline items. This means that if you run a search for people with a timeline date after the first of the year and containing the word "basketball", the results will only include people who have a timeline item containing the word basketball that was created after the first of they year. Previously, that search would find anyone with a timeline item containing the word "basketball" and a timeline item created after the first of the year. 2017 November
Fixed The social groups page for an organization was really ugly when no groups existed or were selected for display. 2017 November
Fixed The "default" map layer was having problems on the "Show on Map" and "Driving Directions" pages. 2017 November
Fixed The quick search dialog was matching on external system IDs in the name input box. 2017 November
Fixed When searches contain dates or natural language dates (e.g. "one week ago"), midnight is consistently interpreted as US Eastern. (Eventually, the app will respect the user's specified timezone, but for now, Eastern it is.) 2017 November
Fixed Map markers weren't printing under certain conditions. 2017 November
Fixed Huge mobile searches were causing database slowdowns. They're now limited to 100 characters. 2017 November
Fixed The quick search dialog wasn't displaying the PDF options dialog properly when that was the chosen output format. 2017 November
Fixed The "shrink to fit" option wasn't working on PDFs generated by the quick search dialog. 2017 November
Fixed PDF files generated from the quick search dialog weren't using the user-specified filename. 2017 November
2017 October
New Search keywords are now available for first and last name, and they can be found in the search builder. 2017 October
New The search results layout columns offer a new option: "Addresses โ€“ Good," a column that displays only addresses that aren't marked "Bad." 2017 October
New The search builder panel has links to relevant help pages and a downloadable reference card PDF. 2017 October
Improved Instead of a drop-down menu, the search results selection tools are now visible buttons, saving you a few clicks. 2017 October
Improved The organization (i.e. "information architecture") and style of the search results menu and toolbar have been significantly improved. 2017 October
Improved More search errors are handled and noticed to the user. 2017 October
Improved The "magic header" now has a "scroll to top" link. 2017 October
Improved The behavior, performance, and reliability of the "magic header" has been improved. 2017 October
Improved The table listing a person's relationships now displays the leader of the related contact (info requested by many organizers). 2017 October
Improved As they used to be, keyword groups in the search builder drop-downs are collapsed by default, making it more manageable to search through the drop-down. 2017 October
Improved Event steps are indented under events in the search builder drop-down. 2017 October
Improved Search results containing employment columns were painfully slow. They're now ... faster than that. 2017 October
Improved The search builder drop-down groups are ordered more intentionally based on the popularity of the groups, and some of the keywords have been moved for clarity and utility. 2017 October
Improved When status reports are requested as Web (i.e. HTML) pages, they are run as "background jobs," making them more less failure-prone. 2017 October
Improved The mobile UI now indicates the person who created (or is credited as the source for) the timeline item. 2017 October
Improved First name and last name search keywords support exact matching (using the "==" operator). 2017 October
Improved The mobile UI displays addresses and contact info as bad if they're marked as such, and allows users to mark them bad. 2017 October
Improved Various performance improvements to the data import page. 2017 October
Improved The "magnifying glass" pop-up displays all unique IDs for a contact (i.e. the Broadstripes ID and any external system IDs). 2017 October
Improved The performance of status reports containing calculated columns was improved. 2017 October
Fixed Address dialog boxes weren't responding to clicks on the close icon. 2017 October
Fixed Jumping to search result pages higher than 10,000 results wasn't working. 2017 October
Fixed The Coverage Report by Leader was encountering errors if the timeline was included in the current layout. 2017 October
Fixed Bulk leadership changes via the Actions menu weren't properly updating the whole leadership tree. 2017 October
2017 September
New The user can choose among four formats ("Contrast", "Default", "Neighborhood", and "Transport") for the map on the shapes map page. 2017 September
New Project admins can make an event "timeline-tracked," meaning that a timeline item will be created whenever an event step is checked (or unchecked). 2017 September
Improvement The relationship visualization tool shows employments and has color-coding to indicate whether people work together in the same department or shop. It also fits the size of your browser window better, and has nodes scaled to represent distance from the worker in focus. 2017 September
Improved The language on the headers of Step 2 (Mapping) of the data import UI has been improved. 2017 September
Improved While still not fast enough, the Shops and Departments page in large projects will now load faster than it did. 2017 September
Improved Showing the number of results next to saved searches was slowing down every page. That feature of dubious value has been removed for the sake of performance. 2017 September
Improved Recent searches, which tend to be the most useful options in the search menu, now appear above saved searches. 2017 September
Fixed The "employees" search no longer breaks when the user submits a text value. Instead, the user sees an error message. 2017 September
Fixed The shapes map page will now remember your choice for the type of map. 2017 September
Fixed The relationship tree visualization now displays people with no relationships without an error. 2017 September
Fixed When other dialogs were open, the logout dialog sometimes had problems. Those have been fixed. 2017 September
Fixed Certain characters ("Unicode byte-marks") appearing at the beginning of a data import file could cause errors. 2017 September
Fixed The search builder was having trouble "reverse-engineering" searches (i.e. converting search text to the populated builder panel) containing custom fields due to case issues. 2017 September
2017 August
Fixed Infinite scroll would sometimes get stuck in the "on" position when an event step was in the rightmost column of a layout. 2017 August
Fixed Free-form text searches weren't matching on street numbers. 2017 August
Fixed The search and filter drop-downs were sometimes being displayed behind other items on the screen. 2017 August
Fixed Negative employer searches (e.g. employer != "Big Shop") were behaving inconsistently for people with multiple employments. 2017 August
2017 July
New An admin can now create and name "user groups." For the moment, these can only be used for sharing quick links, but we hope to add more functionality soon. 2017 July
New An informational pop-over appears when an admin hovers over a quick link in edit mode. 2017 July
Fixed The "infinite scroll" feature on the search results is no longer causing problems when new searches are run. 2017 July
Fixed When assigning a leader, the autocomplete logic could be very ineffiicient and slow. 2017 July
2017 June
New A new switch on the General Settings page allows an admin to change the name of the "Classification" field to "Job Title." Note: There is already a separate field on the employment called "Job Title." Turning on this switch effectively hides and disables that field, because the former "Classification" field now has that name. When this switch is on, you can search and sort on "jobtitle", which will have the same effect as the "classification" keyword. 2017 June
New Another new switch on the General Settings page allows an admin to change the name of the "Code" field to "Assessment." When this switch is on, you can search and sort on "assessment". 2017 June
New Broadstripes searches can now handle "Boolean" clauses. This means your searches can now take this form: (this AND that) OR (the other AND something else). The search builder has changed significantly to help you build these complex queries. For detailed help with this new functionality (including video tutorials!), click here. 2017 June
New Search results can now be sorted by external system ID. 2017 June
New A new button appears when you hover over an event header (in a search results layout). The button allows you to remove the entire event from the layout, saving you some clicks. 2017 June
New Employment conditions in a search are applied "together" to the evaluated employments. This means that if you search for people with the job title "Bartender" and the employer "Big Restaurant", you will only find bartenders at Big Restaurant, not people who wait tables at Big Restaurant but tend bar somewhere else (i.e. have two employments each of which matches one condition). Note: This will only work when the conditions are in the same rule group (i.e. inside the same set of parentheses). 2017 June
Improved Improved performance of the bulk leadership assigner, bulk employment creator, and bulk custom field setter. 2017 June
Improved The new search feature can now handle clauses with nested parentheses. If your search doesn't contain "balanced parentheses" (i.e. equal numbers of opens and closes), you'll see an error message. 2017 June
Improved "Smart quotes" (inserted by some text editors) no longer break Broadstripes searches (they are converted to dumb quotes before the search is run). 2017 June
Fixed Putting a single quotation mark in the name of a shape group no longer causes a problem. 2017 June
Fixed The shapes map page now does a better job of keeping the pop-ups on the shapes in sync with the search boxes in the left-hand panel. 2017 June
Fixed Negative event searches (e.g. card != signed) had recently been returning only people who had a step in the event checked (though not the step in question). Now they return everyone who doesn't have the named step checked -- the way they used to. 2017 June
Fixed Words containing AND and OR are no longer causing problems for the search logic parser. 2017 June
Fixed New validation logic prevents shape group names from being blank or containing only spaces. 2017 June
Fixed Assessment code descriptions containing apostrophes (i.e. single quotes) are no longer being truncated in the search results drop-down. 2017 June
Fixed Unsharing a layout was causing the layout to disappear for everyone; now, doing so assigns it to the user who unshares it. 2017 June
Fixed Reports are once again obeying the project's default sort if no custom sort is specified. 2017 June
Fixed Custom fields with parentheses in their names were making the new search logic choke, but now they work. 2017 June
Fixed Users resetting their passwords are no longer presented the Terms of Service unnecessarily. 2017 June
Fixed UI icons from the search results Shop/Department column are no longer being included in the PDF reports. 2017 June
Fixed The "Related In" search now works for all relationship types, not just "Member". 2017 June
Fixed Logic issues causing inaccuracies in calculated columns on status reports have been corrected. 2017 June