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Text messaging is an effective communication channel for engaging with employees or project team members. To facilitate SMS messaging within your project, a verification process with our designated SMS provider is essential. Mobile carriers enforce this step to mitigate the risk of unsolicited messages or spam.

For your organization to pass this vetting procedure, a designated representative is required to submit detailed information about your organization to the Broadstripes support team. Moreover, it’s imperative that your organization’s official website hosts a privacy policy that aligns with the criteria set forth by the SMS provider. Key requirements for the privacy policy include:

  • Visibility and Accessibility: Your organization’s privacy policy should be prominently displayed and easy to access on its website. Ideally, a direct link to this policy should be included in the website’s footer.
  • Disclosure on Information Sharing: The policy must clearly outline how your organization handles the sharing of personal data (such as contact information) with external parties.

Below is a template designed to help you integrate these stipulations into your existing privacy policy or draft a new one for your website.

Privacy Policy

[Organization Name] will use personal information data collected from members to Opt-in data and consent for text messaging. This information will not be shared with any third parties except for messaging partners for the purpose of enabling and operating our text messaging program. The information collected from members will be used to communicate with members about important news and updates.

You may contact us with any questions at:
[Organization Name]
[Organization Address]
[Additional Contact Info]


Feel free to customize this template to align with your organization’s specific policies and practices.